Sunday, June 10, 2012

A long week

My study break of my final semester is so different from the previous 7 semester. I spent most of my time going back to uni getting my thesis and application done, meeting friends and iron things out. I think I've grown up a lot in one week times. Too many stuff happened and I can't comprehend with it. A few friends told me that their friends or family members were killed in car accidents recently and most of them are young adults like me. I quote my course mate '活着不是必然的'. We used to think that we are going to live until 60-70 y.o and we die. But, a silly drunken driver could change this and twist the fate. There's so much things for me to do. If you are reading this, please be extra careful when you are in a parking lot, driving alone in KL or driving at night. 

Till then.

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