Thursday, October 25, 2012

After so long.

I have no idea when's the last time I blogged. Life had been awesome roller coaster ride. Living with the orang  asli, staying at Bangkok for 2 weeks and called it my 4th home, met people I've met 8 years ago and make me fly back to Yipun immediately and the most important event: Graduation. I've finally cut the bond between me and education. Well, it's not permanent as I plan to do my master 2 years later. The past 10 months have taught me a lot. I'm sure some of my friends will agree with me. I was taught that moving forward is the only step which I can take. There wasn't a U-turn sign when I was forced to a dead end at some point of life.

There's two quote which I really want to share.
1. Don't worry about failure, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try.
2. Never ask for things to be easy, always ask yourself to be better.

When you are in a to-or-not-to position, always keep the first quote in mind. I won't be where I am if I didn't get to know about this earlier. :)

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