Sunday, April 28, 2013

Plant the seed

The seed mentioned is not meant for your garden at home.  =)

I believe if you've heard of NLP/ the secret before, you will most probably know what I'm actually talking about. There's this believe where if you want something, visualize it and you will definitely get it in the end. I've tried it on different occasion and it actually happened!

The trick is wish without hoping for any returns. One shall not feel disappointed when things doesn't go according to the plan. I quote "When you want something so bad, you will make it happen". I've been holding to this principle for quite some time and I think it gets better when I practise it quite often. I think it is something we all knew but we didn't actually practise it correctly. I was asked to write 3 things which I want to do in the next 3/6 months. Without knowing it, I think I've already achieve part of it or at least on my way on achieving it.

I think this requires some practise but once you get a hang of it, it will be very easy for you. I'm happy with my progress so far and will do more in the coming months.

Remember, plant the seed and send the thoughts.
You might think that this will never work but try to do more research about it and things will change! :)

Happy trying!

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