Monday, April 21, 2008


Gathering night
Pn.Ong insisted that the emcees and the programme for the gathering night are much better compared to the Enrolment Day. We went. I have no regrets. The theme for gathering night was "disney". Our year enrolment day pun disney,tau ?
their castle

the opening ceremony - a fairytale with happy ending. The royal family
Dingding and dong dong / Prabu and krishna. Oh my..I used to hate them because they love to annoy me when I taught them IHL.In the end, Krishna have to re-sit the exam. padan muka betul! Krishna brought his dog all the way from home for the oc.
Princess Mia and her prince charming from cute kingdom.

There's four prince in the drama. Prince Kaa Ee from smart kingdom( I quote him : My mother is a woman and my father is a man. My mother is my father's wife and my father is my mother's husband.wise gila! ), Prince Kee from sport kingdom, Prince Errol from cute kingdom and Prince Roger from Sorry-I-Forgot-which-kingdom. I wonder who wrote the script.

They ended their oc with the mickey mouse march/the new marching style according to Mr.Lee Yan Feng.
Next, game session. We have to passed the 8 boxes around. Mr.Lee was so lucky and he got a pink sari. He have to wear it for the whole night.
The green superman and Mr Lee Heng Wei with his "Hit me is a blessing" t-shirt.

up next, duet singing by the form three girls ?The girl on your right was one of the emcee. She's good and she's cute. We can see she and her partner put lots of effort on it. They were 4534534958 times better than the emcees for the enrolment day.
Hiphop dance

Phui Gi and Vi LengHui Peng, Jo Ann and Hwee Moi.

They are good, way much better than the form 2 girls.

Breakdance . Mei chern's handsome guy was one of the dancer. You can hear her voice throughout the whole video. Well, I didn't know kaa ee can dance that well ! I mean after knowing him for five years.

**sorry for the bad video quality

The punjabi-style-mei chern loves it !
Boyband performance by Guy and Joel. They sang a few songs and here's the video of them singing "with you by chris brown".

Fashion show ! Oohh..I like the fashion designer, Mr.Mah Zhen Xiang. He is very talented. Remember the fashion show he did last year? He's good.

For year 2008, he didn't use newspaper.He used cloth and plastics. I like the dress in black,worn by laiyijing.
Modern dance. As you can see, their skirt is so damn short. They dance with their school tie somemore.wth ? I wonder what happen to the strict school rules ? We are not allowed to wear sleeveless clothes for performance and now they are wearing miniskirts ?
Last but not least, the Jolin Show !


genieve said...

ooohh the song for the hip hop! we danced to that!!

and the guys were really good...
background voices* hehehe

iuhnix said...

yeah. the song from MYP valentine right ? hahaha..mei chern was too HIGH ! can't blame her