Monday, May 5, 2008

10 rules you wouldn't want your girlfriend to apply it on you

Trust me. This is crazy. My friend told me about the 10 rules his girlfriend applied on him since the day they were together. This is ridiculous. Even his mom don't control him like that.

The list

1. He is not allowed look at other girls.
2. He is not allowed to talk to other girls.
3. He is not allowed to use MSN.
4. He is not allowed to log in into friendster.
5. He must call his girlfriend everyday and chat till 12am. He must top-up if phone credits is running low regardless whether he has the money or not.

6. He can never look at hot girls.
7. He is not allowed to go out with friends.
8. He is not allowed to talk or do group assignment with female classmate.
9. He is not allowed to go out himself.
10.He must accompany her 24 hrs if he's back to his hometown.

"She won't know that you've gone out with friends right ? I mean both of you are 60km apart."

"She will know. She track my location by using friendsfinder."

"This is crazy."

"Yeah, I don't have other girls phone number in my contact list."

"huh ?"

"You are in my contact list."

"-_- "


David Cheong said...

Just break up nia!

It's so tough, want to die also impossible haha!

IuhniX said...

yeah.I agree with you. I asked my friend to breakup with her.What she did is ridiculous. seriously.

♥ Ning Shing ♥ said...

omg!got such a gf nowadays ak?really ridiculous la!like she is a queen!!!i pity for ur frend la!!lolz...

iuhnix said...

haha.yeah, she's da queen. hahha..i pity him too..too bad

3POINT8 said...

convince your friend to be a lil bit more creative!
she never said anything about the bf not allowed to 'modify' the rules.

for example:
1) not allowed to look at other girls "in a men's washroom"

IuhniX said...

good point. but, there won't be other girls in a men's washroom right ?

WAIHONG said...

Wah!! Like that he also can tahan ar?
'Split hand' la! Sure torturing if can't even look at girls especially the hot 1!! Luckily his mom is woman, if not mom oso kenot look lorr. Is she hot? ermm...from the rules I don't think so! Hahahaa:P

But you friend really make me believe in one thing 'love is blind' and he is truly a blind man..
Xh friend --> curi makan la since ur gf din set this rules! Hehehehe

Fevernut said...

the term "control freak" has reached a new level!

your friend must be either exaggerating or really hate the position he is in, or at least he wants you to think so.

either way, tell him good luck on my behalf :)

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...
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dave said...

its almost comparable to prison ... juz dat u dun have to stay in one place only ... :P

IuhniX said...

--> wai hong
I don't know whether she's hot or not because I haven't seen her in person.
--> Fevernut
No prob, Gabriel.I'll pass your msg to him.
--> sing tian
hahaa..impressive right ? She's using friendsfinder. so canggih
--> david
haha..yeah.I agree