Thursday, May 8, 2008

How's your job?

Some of my friends asked me the same question(How's your job? ) after I blogged about my new job a few days ago. So, maybe it is time for me to blog about it.

Well, as you all know, my first day of work was a disaster. I did mention about the two suppliers who helped me right ? Yeah, they sent in a female supplier to help me last Saturday. Her name was eing. I called her ying. She's a nice person. Her laughter reminds me of my youngest aunt. She told me that there's a guy travelled all the way from Melaka to work in Pd and the other guy travelled all the way from Subang to Nilai. I wonder if they do maths in school.

On last Sunday, when I just got to the place where I suppose to set up my booth, a malay guy came. I recognised him because he was one of the merchandiser who arranged the stocks last Saturday. He told me that he will be helping me for the whole day. He's funny. I had a great time working together with him. He shared a lot of stories with me. The most amazing thing was we happen to finished sampling 60 bottles of soya milk before our dinner break. 60 bottles in two hour ? woah, that was a record for me.
"eh..kenapa hari ini boleh bagi sampling yang banyak dalam masa yang singkat ah ?"
"memang la..sebab aku kat sini ma"
"eleh..tak tahu betul ke tak betul ni."
A few minutes later (when I was pouring the soya milk for a malay lady), he said..
"ei..ah moi..Aku tahu kenapa sampling hari ini boleh habis dengan cepat !"
"hmmm..kenapa ? "
"sebab..sebabkan seorang customer minum 5-6 kali ! Itulah pasalnya"
I laughed and the malay lady stared at us. She was actually having her second helping.I even apologised to her.
It's all our fault. Due to the time constrain, the both of us wanted to finished up the sampling product so badly. We even encourage the customers to have a second helping. But, some customer are greedy especially the kids. They even drank up to 4-5 cups of soya milk.

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