Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cream puff @ Beard papa

I have been craving for cream puff like crazy since last week. I shall present you the world's best cream puff.

Flavour available : Vanilla and Chocolate

Price : Get one at RM 3.80 ;

three at RM 10.80

six at RM 19.00

Get one at Midvalley Megamall, Ground floor. (beside Sinma)


genieve said...

ohh yea, i was wanting cream puffs yst too.

all thanks to the drama 'absolute boyfriend'..

you should watch it too. its on

and its originated from a comic.maybe you will like it.,

iuhnix said...

yeah. I was craving for cream puff after I watched the drama. haha..everyone is craving for cream puff after watching the drama. including ning shing

+ Ning Shing + said...

yeah!!!i muz try it someday!!very soon!!!hahaha

iuhnix said... TRIP ! haha

darryl said...

OMG>>>>... Im salivating. why cant they sell it here too!?