Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Girls' Day Out !

Finally, a girls' day out with Shu Kien and Michelle.

The last time I saw the two of them was gathering night ? Ooohh..I miss the two of them so much.

We had drinks at McD after our tea time at Old Town Kopitiam.

I looked so pale in these picture. *sigh*
Mich lefted for dinner with her family.

Shu Kien and I went Sushi King for dinner.

awww..I want sashimi !!!! Let me present you our waitress at work -Ms.Chua Kai Jia.

She's very efficient. The both of us trusted her taste and ordered the sushi she recommended.

Ms.Chow with our favourite Inari sushi.
Our Inari sushi
salmon sushi
This taste good.What's the name for it,kai jia ? This is also a must-try item @ sushi king. (recommended by kai jia)
hours. We wanted to stay longer but a lot of people were waiting outside. So, we decided to leave.
Okay, that's all for today. Got to go now.


genieve said...

i see you, i see shukien and i see kaijia!!

and you have longer hair now!!

I'm so happy!

darryl said...

WA.. so nice.. i miss going out jalan jalan at night adi la, miss Jusco, here after 6 is sleeping city.. :(

kaijia in sushi king now? wa.. geng wo, too bad i dont think i can reach home fast enough to see her work there.. must be very funny.. HAHA.. dont break plates okay?

oh.. please walk carefully, they dont wanna eat in earthquake zone.

all da best to you gals.. kaijia, xinhui, michelle, and shu kien.

iuhnix said...

earthquake zone ?kai jia will be mad if she see this.

kienny said...

hahaha..efficent?? yes..she is!! i still remember she taught us how 2 get discount 2 eat in Sushi King.By de way, tat's not a good way:-P aw...I miss u n our favourite Inari sushi right now:-(

iuhnix said...

hahhaa...yeah..maybe she gave us the wrong tips ! haha..sakae sushi ! sakae sushi ! maybe we shud go for another sushi trip next time !

ryn said...

haha..i wonder wad land mingjie stayed on..i always go out til midnight etc.. mingjie come city more often!! its not a dead place after 6 thts for sure..

sushi..i wan..not frm sushi king tho..

iuhnix said...

mayb he lives on darryl's version of melbourne. haha caryn should bring him out more often

mich said...

ooo...miss that time d!!
so long we didn't go out...how i wish i could stay for dinner!!
love sushi...bt can't have them!!arghh...
anyways,b4 u guys leave for uni must go out once more!!=)

iuhnix said...

yes! no prob ! haha..we shall call more people next time.