Monday, June 23, 2008

Penang- Penang Road

First, Famous Teochew Chendul !

This is everyone's favourite dessert especially Kai Jia.

See the size of the red bean ?

Their ais kacang didn't taste as nice as the one we had the night before.

Second, Loh Bak at the Kopitiam beside the Chendul Stall.

Omg omg! You must must try their Loh Bak. Their Loh Bak taste very very very good !!

Char Kuey Teow @ RM 3.50. (Not as nice as the one we tried the night before)
You have to order drinks from the kopitiam. You can still share with your friends. They will charge RM0.50 extra if you want to order the chendol from the stall outside.
Penang laksa @ RM3. This is very very nice ! This is another must try food at the kopitiam.

The Teochew Chendol is located at the alley opposite the Penang Road Police Station or you can ask the local where is the penang chendol and they will show you the way.


darryl said...

yealo, 1 week really not enough to prepare to go uni de, remember my sis so rush, got to do medical checkup and so many things somemore. anyway, i've decided not to read you blog until there's no more food blogs. LOL

joking joking. All the best in your uni yea, update me through blog

iuhnix said...

hahha..I agreee !I don't have enough sleep somemore. sigh