Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mid-autumn festival

Last year's mid-autumn festival celebration was super duper crazy.(watch the videos here.) For this year, I had celebrated my mid-autumn festival with Pui Kwan and Rofia at Kolej Keris Mas(KKM). KKM is where Javerline stay. She's one of the exco for this pesta tanglung.

They had this event at two place that is Dataran Gemilang and Dewan Besar KKM. DG is where they had the food stalls and games and DB is where they had the performances. We were late for the event at DG. By the time we reached DG, we saw people holding tanglungs and the emcee shouted "let's go back to KKM!". *big sweat drop*-.-||

However, we went in to have a look.

This is Rofia and Dwee with the banner.

This is Rofia and I with the banner.

The highlight of the night - G-Dance(G-Gymnastic).
Note: They are all first year student with no experience in G-Dance and yet they had done a good job. Impressive, nuff said.
They ended their event on 1230am ! Luckilytoday is a public holiday =)


Johnny Ong said...

the guys not bad wor

IuhniX said...

yeap ! they did a very good job