Monday, October 18, 2010

I was inspired.

100- 13/10/2010
I had watched 'Eat Pray Love' before I finish reading the book. I'm still stuck at chapter 2. *not good*not good* I'm not sure what do you think about the movie but it gave me inspiration. The movie actually inspire me to travel to seek for my true self. Remember that I wrote earlier about me losing myself ?*click here* I actually agree with the movie.
I remember the days when I travelled alone at China. I asked myself why was I there at the first place? What was I searching for? Did I made the right decision? What if.... ? Lots of question popped up just like bubbles. I remember someone told me that maybe I should stop and ponder what should my next step be after my internship at Dalian. I did think and I thought hard. Every single day, when I'm alone, when I'm at the bus stop, when I was walking on the street. The same question went through my mind over and over again. In the end, I gave myself a new dream. A new goal. A new mission.
However, I start to think if I made the right choice earlier after watching the movie. I want to know if I had made the right choice. If I should pursue my dream. Maybe I just need to travel again. To find the suitable word that suit me the best ! :)

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