Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm surrounded by bears!

Just in care you forgot how I look, I'm going to post pictures of me! H A H A
It's from the United Bear event at KL. I hope the bears didn't get washed away from the flood. 

Who says one can't be at UK and US at the same time? I made it ! lol

My Angkor Wat bear! <3
Can't resist the temptation of bullying this bear.

Me and my two bear friend.
Okay, time to go nao. Will post more pictures next time =)


Posh said...

United Buddy Bears in da house!!!! Hihi been loniging to go to Pavi and hug them :-( hopefully can find time one of these days, luckily they'll be here till Feb next year...phew!! Now...enjoying yr pics 1st.....*wink*

IuhniX said...

make sure you have enough battery for it =)