Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review of 2011 resolution

Year 2011 was awesome. In the end of the year, what I remember was - Interning for 4 months, flew a lot during the holiday, worked a lot and lots of assignment during the semester and THE END! *Woot* I don't remember the little details. However, I'm quite proud of myself this year as I achieve something in the end of the year. Let's see.

1. Exercise for at least 3 hours a week. This was carried out without fail from Jan-Sept until I started my semester. So, I will take it as a yes?
2. Pick up Japanese language again.
3. Involve in voluntary work.
4. Determine my future career path. I'm so not going into Food Science again. At least, its something huh?
5. Keep in touch with my three homestay family more often.
6. Develop all my year 2009 and year 2010 pictures.
7. Save at least 5K travel fund during semester break.
8. Save up for smartphone/dslr.
9. Maintain and reduce current weight.
10. Sleep before 12am, best at 11pm. Only from Jan-Sept 2011. I wonder why my semester treat me that bad.
11. I will keep this to myself. =)

I am so proud of myself !
Time to think of resolution for year 2012.

Happy New Year everyoneee!

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