Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year 2011

This is the end of year 2011.
Generally, I think this year is greater than last year (2010). But, time flies once my semester start. Too fast till I can't get hold on it. I did a lot of self discovery this year which changed my perceptive a lot.  It started off with my internship where I had S.H.I.T with no workload but very complicated office politics. I'm glad that I was just an observer at that time but I learnt a lot about the real work place from the 4 months drama. I learnt that we should never trust anyone entirely when we were working. People are selfish in their own way and there's no way they will let you block their way to success. They will try their best to get rid of you. FTL. Yes, that's the reality. I sometimes think that maybe I should save up some money and open up my own business so that I don't have to deal with those shitty personality. If I don't like them, I will get rid of them myself. LOL. Year 2011 is the year where I worked super hard during the semester break to finance my travel plans. I actually use my allowance I got from my internship to buy flight tickets. *woot* Work-Travel-Work wasn't easy. I worked the day before I flew to Indonesia and worked the day after I get back to Malaysia. I kept telling myself 'This is for travel fund. This is for travel fund.' and I managed to pull it through. I was very sick when I was working in Dec and I kept telling myself 'This is for grad trip. Yes. grad trip!' In the end, I managed to tahan for 12 hours when my body temperature shot up to 39 degree celcius. Bravo.

Despite that, I signed up for two facilitation opportunities this year. I wanted to relate back what I want to develop and look up for opportunities to be in the organization again. Facilitating was fun and I met lots of great people and we had lots of fun together. But, in the end, I felt empty. I couldn't find the sense of belonging anymore. I guess its time for me to close this chapter and await for the opportunity to start off a new chapter. There's no point linger in the same spot all the time. I had grown out of the role I can play and I need to move on. That's one of the reason why I want to involve more in volunteering work.

In the mid of this year, the thought of closing this site came across my mind. I was going to do it till my friend convinced me to keep it. I started this blog in year 2007 and it had been the platform for me to update my friends about what's happening yada yada. But, I don't really see the relevance in blogging anymore. Hence, I uploaded less pictures and I talked less about myself. I don't want to tell you everything and expose my private life online. I will give this site another few months and decide what should I do with it later. One of the perks of keep it running is the extra money I got from adverts. =) And this site might turn into a travel blog when I officially kick start my trip in Aug 2012.

How can I forget the new families I gained through CS? I truly appreciate the hospitality I got when I was in HCMC and Indonesia. Meeting friends whom I can talk everything with from the moment we met was truly something. Now, I remember the day I went to Angkor Wat with an upset stomach and the time I vomited all the way to the temple. fml  I guess if my achievement last year was visiting 'The Great Wall', my achievement this year will be 'I went to Angkor Wat and Borrobudur Temple'. Oh well, more to come next year =)

I guess I better stop here or else I will never stop writing. Have fun everyone!
I'm so not excited about it as I'm going to sit for exam on the first week of new year. *potong steam*

Love, Xin Hui

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