Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things I had done in Year 2010

It's going to be year 2011 soon.
Hence, I'm presenting you 24 things I did when I was 22 years old.(Although I'm still 22) :)

1. I went through SHITs and came out alive.
2. I realized that being a leader is difficult, but to make sure your followers understand you is even more difficult.
3. I developed the habit to jog almost everyday.
4. I went to a country where they ban all my favourite websites.
5. I found two new family.
6. I talked about 'Go Green/Save the Environment/Cultural' in primary schools and university.
7. I danced in front of the crowd just to promote an event.
8. I was interviewed by foreign journalists.
9. I climbed over the wall and get into the park illegally.
10. I realized that malay language is very useful especially when you are at a foreign country.
11. I climbed The Great Wall.
12. I slept at the train station.
13. I slept at 8pm and woke up at 4am for 6 weeks.
14. My hostel room got flooded twice.
15. I thought my friend was kidnapped when I arrived at HangZhou. I searched the whole airport with a laptop in hand to see if anyone saw her earlier.
16. I realized China is not that big when I get to bump into my friend at two different city.
17. I had visited the World Expo.
18.I slept in the hospital with two other friends at Cameron Highland.
19. I travelled by train for consecutive 18 hours and developed severe skin allergy after that.
20. I declared that I'm addicted to backpacking and bought tickets to three country in a row.
21. I set up a travel blog with three friends who are willing to share their exciting journey ahead.
22. I set a target with a few friends that is to watch the next world cup at Brazil.

23. I met a few people who changed my life and my perceptions.
24. I understood the meaning of the-best-thing-ever-occured-in-life thus far.<3

Can't wait for year 2011.
Hope that year 2011 will be better than this.
Gotta set goals and KPIs soon. lol

Till then.


Euniceee said...

wow , you talked about 'Go Green/Save the Environment/Cultural' in primary schools and university? you get paid or what? not're a speaker!

IuhniX said...

Hey Eunice, it's an internship under AIESEC. You should go for it if you have the time.