Saturday, March 10, 2012

Food Review: Meet Fresh

If you are crazy about snowflakes, you will be aware that there's a new rival-Meet Fresh in town. It's located at Berjaya Time Square. Meet fresh's menu is the same as Snowflakes with the same pricing and etc. We tried the soya ice series that day.
If you are wondering what is the red controller for, it have the same function as beeping UFO. They are giving out coupons and buy 10 free 1 card with limited redemption period.
We tried the soya ice series with barley and sweet potato. It's different from SF's soya ice series as SF's soya series is made of soya ice while this one, they put a layer of  beancurd on top of the soya ice. Hence, you get to taste both bean curd and soya ice. Honestly, I still prefer Snowflakes' soya ice series as they have more topping and taste better. But, if you prefer to have some bean curd instead of all soya ice, you can try this for sure. The soya ice taste the same but I think it will be better if they are more generous with the toppings. Perhaps they reduce the toppings because of the bean curd.
p/s: I've tried to rotate this picture for a few times but failed.

That's all from me! I'll give more review about this if I happen to dine there again =)

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