Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The comfort zone

Ever afraid of making changes to yourself?
Ever afraid of taking the first step outside your comfort zone?
Living in our own comfort zone with what we feel comfortable with is like the most relaxing lifestyle ever.
"Hey, we don't need that. We are good with what we have now already," is what we often heard.
For example, when fb changes their features, users start complaining and claim that they want to hate the new changes because they don't want to adapt to it.
The same thing goes to friends. We are used to who we spent our life with. If you were asked to create a complete new social circle, some of you might hesitate right? And you will start questioning yourself if you should make the change.
In life, we were taught that we will first study, work, get married, retire and die. If there's any changes in the order, people will start taking about it. For example, someone got pregnant before married or someone quit their job to go somewhere else. They made changes to their life. It's not the normal comfortable lifestyle people will normally choose to live in.
I quote my friend "You choose your own route first then the route you have to follow'.  It became the answer to all my questions earlier. I've been following the safest route for more than 20 years. I guess it is okay to live my own way for the next few months before going back to normal. I have no idea about what are the consequences but that will be part of the adventure right?
So, what's your route and when are you heading next?

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