Friday, April 6, 2012


Sorry for being MIA.
I was very busy. The past 7 weeks drained my energy. I was trying to getting my works done after the surgery to make sure that I don't have to extend my semester. *touch wood* I think I'm getting better in times. For example, I needed help with my lab work on my first week after the surgery but on the second week, I tried doing all my work alone and I manage to cope with it. I guess practice makes perfect.  On my third week, I helped my friends with their lab work! I'm glad to have very kind course mates who offered little help along the way.

Anyway, I'm on mid semester break right now. Finally, I get to sit down and do my work especially preparing for language's exam. I guess I'm getting my life back on track after a-seven-weeks-roller-coaster-ride although my laptop is trying to create little problems for me. However, it shouldn't be an issue. Time to get all the assignments done and enjoy the last 8 weeks of the semester! =)

I wish everything will turn good from now onwards.

Happy Good Friday!

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