Monday, August 13, 2012


I think the title is boring enough to catch anyone's attention. I have so many stories to share but I have no time for it. I guess one week is just too short for everything. Speaking of clearing the house, packing and unpacking. Hmmmm..There's so much to do but so little time. I wanted to blog about this global mobility programme which gave me insights about the natives and a aboriginal people in Malaysia. I also want to talk about the interesting journey at Medan but I'm just too lazy to sort out the pictures. =S Blogging is a way to keep the good & bad memories. Perhaps I will find the inspiration to blog right after my second holiday. Some people start asking me if I'm going to start work soon. Aiyoo..where got so soon? If I wanted to start work in July, I would have apply earlier but I can't afford to give up my holidays. I've seen people who got the right job one year after working. It's all about time. Finding the right job is like finding the right pair of shoe as I'm going to stick with it for the few years until I want to get a new job. Hmm..I guess I'll give it 5 years, then I'll take a long break before venture into another 5 years. Well, it's too early to say anything right now. Let's see where life lead me to. =)

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