Saturday, January 19, 2013

Exciting times!

Last week was the first time in the past 3 and half month where I felt that I have good work pressure. Stress with awareness can be inspiring and motivating, a quote from a phychologist in Malaysia. Learning was intense in the past three days and I love the adrenaline rush. I love it when I don't have time to gtalk my colleagues because getting my task done is definitely my priority. The manager was nice enough to give me guidance and compliment which lead to job satisfaction. =) Nothing beat the compliment received after getting my task done. However, I've learned that my excel skill is definitely kindergarden level. There's so much more to learn. Anyway, I'm done with costing and credit limit. I'm gonna move on to DME next week! Finance, can't wait for more excitement!

Oh yeah, a bit update on my insanity workout. I've started week 4. I can improvement in my breathing. For example, I can run 3.6km without huff and puff. Well, this is nothing compared to 21km. At least, there's improvement. Life is getting more exciting

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